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What is Estamos Unidos US?
¿Qué es Estamos Unidos US

Estamos Unidos US is a bilingual multi-platform production created to share information and experiences. Sandra Dempsey & Michel Cros, are Mexicans living in the US. Their immigrant perspective is what flavors their stories about the many opportunities there are to learn, enjoy and experience life in the US. Experiences are shared weekly on their YouTube channel Estamos Unidos US. Follow them on social media like Estamos Unidos US

Estamos Unidos US es una multi-plataforma bilingüe creada para compartir información y experiencias. Sandra Dempsey y Michel Cros, mexicanos que viven en EU. Su perspectiva de inmigrantes le da sabor a las historias que comparten. Sandra y Michel vloggean semanalmente y podras ver todos sus videos en YouTube. Buscalos en las redes sociales como Estamos Unidos US

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